Open Records - Right To Know Request​
(An act requiring certain records of the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions and of certain authorities and other agencies performing essential governmental functions, to be open for examination and inspection by citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; authorizing such citizens under certain conditions to make extracts, copies, photographs of such records; and providing for appeals to the courts of common pleas, further providing for definitions, for examination and inspection and for extracts, copies; providing for denial of access to public records, for redaction, for response to requests for access and for final agency determinations; further providing for appeal from denial of right; and providing for court costs and attorney fees, for penalty and for immunity.  For more information, click here.)


Special Exception or Variance Application to the Zoning Hearing Board


Political Sign Deposit Application


Application for Certificate of Occupancy


Application for Dye Test Certificate Compliance


​Hawkers Permit Application


Street Opening Permit


Hall Rental
Playground Permit 


Excavation, Filing and Grading Application


2018 Residential Rental License Application


Landlord Reporting Form


Per Capita Exempt Form


Voter Registration Form


Vacant Property Recovery Program 2018 Side Yard & Blighted Structure Program Application
Vacant Property Recovery Program 
Tax/Fee Certification Form


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